The Central
Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Monday registered a case against an on-site
resource of Yalamanchili Software operations team, which provides the prepaid
card application.
The accused,
Sandeep Kumar Poojary is culpable of hacking a foreign travel card database and
374 unauthorised online transactions involving $1.41 million through three
prepaid cards issued by the State Bank of India (SBI).
There are as
yet many suspected to be involved with this case registered under various
provisions of the IPC and the IT Act.
“Manpower resources for
handling the system operations were also provided by Yalamanchili Software…”
said SBI, in its complaints.
The wakeup
call actually came up a year ago in February, when Yalamanchili software’s COO
reported the incidence to the bank, expressing that the balance in the prepaid
card system had been modified deceitfully for authorisation of three foreign
travel cards having a place with a solitary client.

authorisation was said to have occurred over online business sites (e-commerce
websites) of four shippers predominantly:, Entropay, Swiftvoucher and 
and these exchanges
were carried out from November 8, 2016 to February 12, 2017.

The bank’s
NRI Seawoods branch in Navi Mumbai issued the primary card on November 7, 2016.
Two more add-ons were issued to the user on November 29 and December 7, 2016,
by the same branch.

As indicated
by the FIR, the merchant transactions came by the means of VISA with the nation
code as Great Britain, and the transaction and billing currency as U.S.

While the
exchanges occurred on the prepaid card system, the balance seemed to have been
modified manually by means of the Oracle Database access; the Yalamanchili
Software Exports told the bank. Post authorisation the settlement transactions
and authorisation alongside the general ledger entry was deleted.
The balance
sheet generated on the prepaid card system therefore, did not display any
 Additionally the bank added that after the
swindling was identified, SBI managed successfully to block the three cards,
banish the users from transacting on the four merchant sites, and abrogated the
privilege of application user for executing database package.

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